The complete

FlexHex Family



FH080 flexible fixture
FH080 detailed fixture

The FH080 is the smaller of the family with a 8 kg payload capacity.

It is recommended for smaller applications where place is limited in height


Hexapod FH100 flexible fixture
flexible FH100 fixture

The FH100 is a standard size with a 10 kg payload capacity.

This size is quite useful for most of the application. typically for assembly, construction, welding.

It can easily be combined with several hexapods to form a complete structure.


Flexible fixture FH500

The FH500 has a payload capacity of 50 kg.

It can be used for larger applications.

Useful for construction, welding of large pieces.

It can be combined with several hexapods to form a complete fixture

Flexible welding table

complete welding flexible fixture

Based on the hexapod technology, we propose a flexible welding table to design your complicated fixture.

Easy to use and reliable for small batch production

The complete robotized welding cell

flexible welding cell back

Add a welding robot to your welding table or order a complete flexible robotized welding cell

An example of application with the assembly of car headlight

The Flex Hex concept: simplicity in design and accuracy in positioning