FLEXY WELD ROBOT WELDING CELL is a registered trademark, reg.No 018525475

A complete robotized flexible welding solution

robot cell welding

FlexHex and Factobotics have developed together with their partners Yaskawa and Kemppi, a complete robot cell for welding.

The Cell combines the state of the art for robot welding and the flexible fixture from FlexHex

welding robot cell

As a standard with a Yaskawa GP7/12/25

robot cell welding

And a Kemppi welding station incl. power/feeder/cooler/MIG-MAG gun


Download the welding robot cell specification sheet, from FlexHex as an add-on from your welding table or as a complete cell by FlexyWeld

  • easy programming
  • change the fixture in few seconds
  • ideal for small batches
  • no storage of fixtures needed